Be at your best when your best is needed.

Dear Nikiski Boys Basketball Parent,

Welcome to the Nikiski Boys Basketball Program. We are excited to have your son in our program. Not everyone has the privilege of being a part of Nikiski Basketball. We would like to introduce you to your role in our program because it is vital to the success of the team. No one in your son's life has more influence on him than you. Nikiski Basketball will push him beyond his limits emotionally, mentally and physically. At times we may ask more of him than he believes he can do. This generally causes discomfort. You can count on him coming home tired, energetic, happy, angry, frustrated, excited, sad, exasperated, defeated, almost ready to quit, and hopefully, inspired. Support for the decisions we make as coaches and for your son are the primary roles for you as a parent. Nothing can take the place of the support you give your son. He will need you during this season.

There are many roles in a basketball program. Players usually want the role of a starter, but only five are available. The starters are who the fans see most, they're who gets the most recognition because they are in the public eye. It is the role that “feels” good to the players, and is seemingly most important to the fans. The coaches determine roles in the program, and no role is more important than another. The practice floor is where your son's character will be built and where games are won or lost. Most likely, your son will express displeasure with his role sometime throughout the season. There are two proactive choices for you and your son if you are not happy with his role: one, encourage him to respect the authority of the coaches and help him realize he is privileged to be a part of the team, or two, meet with the coaches at an appropriate time to discuss concerns. The coaches will ultimately do what they feel is best for the team.

We want to stress how important it is to communicate your concerns directly with us. We are involved in the basketball program because we believe that basketball is a vehicle by which your son can become a better young man through effort, sacrifice, belief, and unity. If you have concern with a decision that is made in regard to your son, please talk with us about it and not about us with others. Please understand that we care for your son very much, but we care about the team more. The team always comes first.

If you need to communicate with us at any time don't hesitate to send e-mail, or call me at school or at home. We are ready for this season and looking forward to seeing the guys compete each day. Thanks for your support. We'll see you at the game!

Nikiski Boys Basketball

Reid Kornstad
776-3456 (school)
776-5421 (home)